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12 Wrz 2018 ... 12 września do świata Blade & Soul zawita nowa klasa – Warden. ... Przez jakiś czas będzie tam dostępny darmowy Character Slot Voucher.

MALL.CZ - internetová nákupní galerie nabízející bílé zboží, elektroniku, pc a mobily, sport, hobby, chovatelské potřeby, hračky, design a styl "Free Additional Slot Voucher" - Blade & Soul Forums Mar 04, 2016 · I have read the notes about a freeslot. I logged, didn't see the slot already activated or waiting to be activated. I opened the shop and saw a slot for 0nc. It was very clear. First item there. If you didn't see that, your problem. Try sending a ticket see if they will help you about it. additional slot voucher - Blade & Soul Forums Jan 24, 2016 · Thanks, but im still confused. If i want to buy and additional slot voucher, it costs 400 ncoins, but what does "Rank Points: 4,000 points" mean (Its right beneath the price)? Blade and Soul promises an additional free character slot

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Blade and Soul - How to redeem free character slot - YouTube Mar 2, 2016 ... Blade and Soul Blade and soul. Enjoy and subscribe. Music: Darwin - shy ...

To begin, in Blade & Soul the Hongmoon weapon and assorted accessories that you get at the start of the game is what your endgame weapon will be, at least for the game as it is released right now, and even beyond then, it'll be the weapon you'll level up with and evolve throughout the game.

Visit now and get a hand-leveled Blade and Soul account today. ... 60 HM 20 Summoner (Lyn) server Jinsoun 1300+AP + free slot + level 50 voucher + ALT.

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Free Blade slot machine review. Slot machine Blade is a true horror in excellent its implementation. The atmosphere is built on a plot of comics from Marvel (in addition, Iron Man 2 was created from Marvel comics too), and released much later an art movie Blade.

Accounts are automatically provided with 2 character slots for free upon creation. More slots can be purchased with NCoin. Players that purchased founder's ...

Blade and Soul News & Guides - MmoGah Elite Gamer Intelligence Latest Blade and Soul news, tips and guides for elite gamers worldwide. Learn more and compete with top Blade and Soul gamers by teaming up with MmoGah. Blade And Soul Suggestion: Class & Race change vouchers - blade I would like to suggest a class & race change voucher to be sold in the IM for about the same price as a character slot voucher is. sugestions for Blade And Soul - We’ll be broadcasting the World Championship live from Korea on the Blade & Soul Twitch channel, starting at 2:45am PST November 13, with on-site commentary by DjTechlive, Community & Social Director Omeed Dariani, and Blade & Soul Brand … Warring Factions Poster Contest -